Caravan valeting Lancaster and surrounding areas.

The caravan or motorhome has long been a staple in British family life. Spending time away in your home on wheels is more popular than ever, with more and more people bringing their caravan out of storage as often as they can, or as often as their busy schedule allows. But those caravans emerging from storage may need some tender loving care before hitting the road once again…

As a specialist in mobile caravan valeting, I have been helping caravan owners and commercial caravan suppliers across Lancaster, Heysham, Garstang, Morecambe and the Lake District with my comprehensive cleaning services since I started out in 2012.

Perfect packages for caravan owners

I understand that every caravan should be a home from home, and after months in storage many may need a helping hand from a caravan valeting professional to get back to their former glory, after all the winter months can take their toll.

Make sure your caravan is season ready with a full or half valet designed especially for your needs and budget. Whilst all caravan and motorhome manufacturers recommend regular washing and waxing, my service goes one step further to keep your van in tip top condition. My expertise in caravan valeting ensures you can not only retain its value for years to come but also amend any safety issues highlighted by myself and my team.

Refine your commercial operations

For the commercial companies selling caravans, cleanliness is of utmost importance; after all you certainly won’t get the best price or the best reputation if you sell caravans that aren’t in top condition.

I can help you put your best face and foot forward in the caravan market with a commercial cleaning package that suits you. Return a trade-in caravan back to its showroom best or valet a sold caravan before you hand it over to its new owner with my reliable, flexible and affordable mobile caravan valeting service.

Get in touch

Whether you are a caravan owner looking to spruce up your mobile home for the new season or a caravan supplier wanting to add a personal touch to your professional service, I can help! I provide a range of no compromise packages to ensure every caravan in Lancaster, Heysham, Garstang, Morecambe and the Lake District is beautifully turned out.

Take the hard work out of cleaning your home on wheels by enlisting my professional and friendly mobile caravan valet and cleaning service.

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